Sport Subject Taster
The Make Happen Sport Virtual Subject Taster is split across 4 days. Every day has at least a few of practical elements or activities that students can do at home and some worksheets for them to fill in. Here’s what each day looks like:

Day 1 – Sport Therapy

Day 1 explores sports therapy, looking at some of the roles and responsibilities therapist have and what you would learn if you studied Sport Therapy as a degree. This day includes basic first aid, injury treatments, concussions and the effects they can have.

Day 2 – Sport Analysis

This day gives students an insight into the different types of sport analysis including sport analysis in players as well as on the pitch. Students will get to explore how sport analysis is used and if you got a job in becoming a sport analysis, what a day in the life of a sport analysis looks like in a professional environment.

Day 3 – Sport Psychology

On this day, students will explore an insight into what sport psychology is, the subjects you can study and entry requirements. You will also look at the different career paths sport psychology can lead to as well as virtual tours of some of the universities in Essex that offer sport courses at degree level.

Day 4 – Research and Dissertations

This is the last opportunity students look at local universities sport facilities and the courses they offer. Student look at one of the best university in the world for sport degrees – Loughborough. Students will also explore what a dissertation is that students complete in their 3rd year of study, including 3 real life examples from sport graduates.

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